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Description of Business Card Maker & Creator

"Corporate brand is like a person’s reputation. You earn your reputation by acting as a role model, trying to work out your challenging tasks." - Business Card Maker & Creator

* Business Card Maker & Creator is:

- A simple application which makes your business card in a minute.

- A mini studio that inspires Your Mind.

- An evaluate vision for your brand.

- New ways to build your online showcase.

* Business Card Maker & Creator does:

- Create any custom color card or pick your own image.

- Point your business card with many elements.

- Save your business time without any designer.

* Business Card Maker & Creator, how to make:

- Choose your business (name) card type: flat color or use template or insert your own image.

- Design yourself as easy as you can do:

Insert texts like your name, company name, mobile number, email address, website, etc...

Add border lines or lines to make more engaging.

Useful elements: Predefined symbol like mobile, email, website, location, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc...

Easy to make any logo within or make your own logo with our other application.

- Powerful to edit your texts, elements, symbols: change fonts, size, style, color.

- Navigate your element using 4 arrow key for editing detail.

* Business Card Maker & Creator can:

- Make your evaluate business card more and more.

- Printable or digital business card showcase to your clients.

- Help you to control the quality of your brand, reduce time wasted in searching or rent freelancer designer.

- Custom card, custom your mind, custom your brand and bring many materials for specialist in marketing communications.

Get Business Card Maker & Creator right now and lets your mind fly over the worlds!

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